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Finding an effective solution for problems in any facet of life almost always calls for equipping people with relevant skills and right attitude: Be it Life, Leadership, managerial, social, behavioural, functional, technical and so on. Hence, training commands a premium and tops the list of the most rewarding and gratifying professions of all time.

Great trainers are trained. They are not born. You could be a professional an executive, an entrepreneur, a consultant, in sabbatical, a home maker, retired or even a student, you can learn how to transfer your skills and knowledge to others, and emerge as a trainer par excellence. Indian Academy of Training and Development's (IATD) Master Trainer certification is one Train the Trainer program that can guarantee your transformation into a Master Trainer.

An intensive and comprehensive certification program of 100 plus hours, this first-of-its-kind online Train the Trainer program in India is presented to you by Synergy School of Business Skills. The program runs for a period of four/five months and conducted as week end and week day batches.

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The program covers every aspect you need to master to evolve into an authentic and confident trainer in your own field. It bestows you with commendable communication skills - and prepares you for a successful career in training with the following curricula:

Be aware of the higher purposes of being a trainer and realize your innate potential to be one. Activities and training for you to come out of your comfort zone, and remain authentic and original in your training career. Revisit your belief system and realize hitherto untapped opportunities.

  • The process of rediscovering yourself
  • Bringing original stories to the floor
  • Series of experiences to break comfort zones
  • Reinstalling belief systems

Think on your feet and develop confidence to be a public speaker by getting trained on time-tested techniques in organising content, flow, and delivering speeches with or without visual aids.

  • Creating and organising content
  • Different ways of presentation / delivery format
  • Incorporating activities and exercises
  • Persuasive, instructional, impromptu talks
  • Adding zest with visuals
  • Inspiring your audience and creating an impact

Start with why. Understand the problems or pain points that your knowledge and skills can address. Map skill gaps of the target audience. And go on to create a compelling and engaging instructional design.

  • Identifying problems to be solved
  • Mapping gaps in skills, concepts or attitudes
  • Structuring and developing multidimensional instructional methodologies
  • Activities, games, experiential sharing, case studies and so on
  • Creating comprehensive course materials
  • Outcome definition in terms of performance within the job environments
  • Measuring effectiveness and finding ROI of training

Direct and subtle marketing on different mediums and modes is a seasoned art. Learn how to master it with training on our 12-step writing process, develop your profile, marketing collaterals for advertising, digital and social media platforms, and hone your skills in direct selling and marketing.

  • Sales and marketing communication
  • Giving three dimensional view of your program
  • Creating best personal profile
  • Art of relationship selling
  • Handling objections, negotiations and winning orders

Create your signature training program in your field of expertise and choice, and roll them out with clear objectives, structures and appropriate instructional methodology, and graduate as a certified trainer.

  • Developing breakthrough training modules
  • Conducting a run – through
  • Evaluating training programs


Synergy School of Business Skill, from the staple of CADD Centre Asia's largest skill development company, is joining hands with IATD to empower people in the self improvement industry. IATD has trained about 600.000 people from various walks of life since 1996 - and is credited with creating 1000s of world class master trainers. IATD's Master Trainer Certification program is now available on Synergy's platform for anyone from any country to benefit from.

Speaker: Dr. RajanFounder of Zeal, SpeakEasy and IATD

Mission:Empower people in the self-improvement industry

Experience:Created thousands of professionals in training

Awards:Honorary doctorate in personal excellence, Acharya Award for training, and Inspirational Communicator

How to join the Program

You can attend one of the online webinars conducted by Dr Rajan, the man himself and get a complete
insight into the program and register for the course. To register for the webinar please click

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