Proficient in Advanced Excel

Proficient in Advanced Excel

Excel Beyond Limits with Our Advanced Excel Course

Mastering Advanced Functions and Analytical Techniques

Proficient in Advanced Excel

time Duration: 24 Hours

Course Overview:

Microsoft Excel stands out as a powerhouse for data organisation, analysis, and visualisation. Renowned for its versatility, the software's robust formulas, functions, and charts play a crucial role in tasks ranging from budgeting to intricate data-driven decision-making across diverse fields. Excel boasts an extensive library of built-in formulas and functions, covering everything from fundamental arithmetic to advanced statistical and financial calculations. Its Pivot Tables serve as formidable tools for summarising and analyzing extensive datasets, empowering users to generate customized reports and insights. Excel's visualisation features, including sparklines, slicers, and 3D mapping, further enhance the ability to present data in a visually compelling manner.

Key Topics Covered

tickCreation of personalised templates

tickKnowledge on how to work with sparklines

tickBasic knowledge on how to create and manage scenarios

tickUse of Goal Seek and Solver

tickCreation, management, and formatting pivot tables and pivot charts

tickUse of Excel mathematical functions

tickCreation and writing knowledge on complex formulas

tickPerform data lookups

tickCreation and use IF statements

tickUse of Excel’s data functions

tickCreation and use data validation rules

tickApplication of custom and prebuilt conditional formatting

tickHow to work with functions to manipulate strings of text and data

tickCreation and use of macros

tickCreation of pivot tables and pivot charts

tickUse of queries to import external data

tickImport and clean data

tickHow to link and consolidate worksheets and workbooks

Here are top three learning outcomes
you can gain with this course
  • Data Analysis

    You'll have the ability to efficiently analyse and interpret data using formulas, functions, charts, and data analysis tools like PivotTables.

  • Data Presentation

    You can create visually appealing reports and presentations using Excel's charting, graphing, and formatting tools, making data more understandable and compelling.

  • Automation

    You'll be able to automate repetitive tasks through macros and increase productivity, saving time and reducing errors in data-related processes.

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A Must-to-Have Skill for


Business Professionals


Data Analysts


Accountants and Financial Analysts




Administrative Staff


Job Seekers


Freelancers and Entrepreneurs


Scientists and Engineers


Project Managers

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Salary Range in India

Indicative earning potential for Primavera professionals in India, depending on job positions:

Rs.3 Lakhs


Rs.8 Lakhs


Rs.10 Lakhs


What drives this career path?

Professionals who can efficiently handle and analyse this data are in high demand.

Professionals who can turn raw data into meaningful insights are essential for decision-making in various industries.

Those who can create accurate financial models and interpret financial data are crucial for financial planning and strategy.

Professionals with Excel skills are valuable contributors to project planning and execution.

Those who can extract meaningful insights from data contribute to the strategic direction of the business.

Individuals who can communicate complex information in a clear and concise way are highly sought after.

People with Excel knowledge are adaptable and in demand across diverse sectors.

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